Anna is a French Teacher and Volleyball and Archery Coach at Denver North High School. She has been a classroom teacher for 9 years and has been teaching in DPS for 5 years. She has a 2 year old daughter who will soon be attending Denver Public Schools.

She comes from a family of educators and is the daughter of two public school teachers. Her father was a United States Army Lieutenant Colonel who taught JROTC for 10 years, and her mother, who came to the US at the age of 31, taught Foreign Language for over 10 years. Anna was born in Germany and came to the US when she was 2 years old. Because her father was in the military, Anna grew up in and attended many different public schools across the United States, such as schools in Hawaii, Alabama, Arizona, and Georgia.


Anna earned a Bachelor of Arts in French and Russian and a Master of Education in English as a Second Language from the University of South Alabama. She strongly believes that every community should have access to a quality public school that promotes equitable practices in the classroom. In her free time Anna likes to play Volleyball, go on hikes with her daughter and dog, and work in her garden.