Platform Item #1: Increase Student Achievement by Increasing Teacher Retention

The primary goal of Denver Public Schools is to provide the best education possible to every student.

As a current teacher I can personally attest that we are facing a crisis in attracting and retaining good teachers. This has caused one of the largest achievement gaps in the nation between our white students and students of color.

We must increase classroom teacher salaries.  That is how we can keep experienced, confident teachers of all ethnicities and backgrounds who will provide the best education for our students.

Right now, the average Denver Public School Teacher spends about 2 years in DPS before they leave the district or leave teaching completely.

For the past 10 years, non-teachers have come up with programs to ensure teachers are effective in the classroom. This has brought on LEAP and RELAY- both programs are culturally irresponsible and have done little to increase student achievement but instead have pushed teachers out of the profession.

Our children deserve to have experienced teachers from their community in the classroom.

I will work to build a coalition on the School Board to push for a $5,000 increase in base pay for all classroom teachers and end LEAP and it’s oppressive language. Increasing teacher pay will cost about $25 million dollars (2.5% of the DPS budget).  That money will come from cuts in programs that have not proven effective, such as training new teachers every year because the trained ones have left the profession. 


“The DPS Strike is Settled, But the Underlying Causes of Chronic Under-compensation Remain”

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