Platform Item #2: Housing Choice = School Choice

We cannot honestly discuss closing the achievement gap between white students and students of color and ending the closure of public schools in favor of charter schools, without discussing racial integration, racially biased zoning laws, and high housing costs in many Denver neighborhoods.

As a School Board member I will personally work with the Denver Planning Board for ‘missing middle’ and affordable multi-family zonings in all Denver neighborhoods, so that all of our residents can afford to live near any DPS school of their choice.  I have experience in real estate zoning matters.

This will allow us to rebuild diverse communities that have been shoved out by recent gentrification, helping us usher in a new age of affordability and neighborhood schools in Denver.

This is ‘real’ school choice-  not being 1 out of 20 kids who ‘wins' the right to travel 10 miles from a lower middle-class house to a far wealthier area. 

Every one of our schools, especially elementary schools, should have a community of teachers and students who reflect the community.  Integration of races and economic classes in our schools is how we will learn to  treat each other as friends, not strangers.


“Denver’s Residential Neighborhoods— Who Are They For?”

“Zoning Codes— Tools for Segregation or Creating Complete Neighborhoods?”