Platform Item #3: We should not need charter schools.

I will never vote to close a public school so that a charter school may be built in its place.

I also understand that many students now attend charter schools that they like, and it would be disruptive for them to change. However, I will push to ensure that charters are held to the same standards of accountability and teacher certification as public schools, and that they are administered to support student equity in Denver rather than exacerbate the existing unacceptable achievement gap.

We must fight back to stop the privatization of our public schools.  We would not tolerate the privatization of our police and fire departments.  Instead we work everyday to make them responsive to all the citizens of Denver.

The same should be true of our public school system.

The Colorado Revised Statutes Title 22 Education Law is 1,200 pages.  So believe me I understand the temptation of the Administration to simply privatize education and avoid obtuse rules that stretch out over 6 miles if placed end to end.

No school should have to deal with 1,200 pages of mostly obvious and incredibly costly rules.  We should not have to have ‘charter schools’ but rather cut regulatory burden on all schools.

I will work with the appropriate State Legislators to reduce regulations on our schools.

I also find it particularly disturbing that ‘high compliance’ charter schools always seem to be proposed for communities of color.

Privatizing our public schools is a capitulation, not a solution.  We need to spend the real time necessary and do the hard work necessary to allow all of our schools to be responsive to their students, even if that means reading through 1,200 pages and getting rid of stupid rules (I will bring coffee).

As a School Board member I will do that.


State of Colorado Revised Statutes Title 22 Education

“Separate and Still Unequal: Race in America’s Schools”