Platform Item #4: We should provide career training, especially in the building trades and healthcare, in our High Schools.

Building trades are an honorable and profitable future, and require extensive knowledge of math and science.

The mechanical trades such as plumbing, heating and cooling, and electrical, are very successful.  People of color especially are vastly underrepresented in these trades.  We can change that.

These careers provide stable salaries and many union supports. They require knowledge that is sometimes provided by our Community Colleges.

However our High Schools can also have electives in science and math that focus on these profitable trades.

Nursing and health care are also excellent fields for our students to enter.

Providing classes in these careers at a High School level allows our students to learn about them before the requirements of adult life take over.

Statistics show that students who take two or three related courses in career training are more likely to graduate from high school on time than students in general education classes.

These programs will provide students with hands-on learning that lets them apply academics to real-world problems while also keeping doors to college open.

As a School Board member I will ask the Trade Unions of the above professions to assist DPS in providing a curriculum for the above.


“What is Career and Technical Education, Anyway?”