Platform Item #6: Climate change is the biggest issue our students will face in their lifetimes.

Our national politicians pretend that climate change is not happening; Denver Public Schools can not be as irresponsible.

I will push for solar panels on every school, immediately (through Solar City or an equivalent lease program).

The equipment will be placed in an accessible area so that our science teachers can use it to instruct students.

I realize that our school buildings need many updates and repairs.  That coincides with my desire to, as a School Board member, work with the Denver Planning Board to ensure that the next wave of population here (which will likely be climate refugees from Florida and California) will move to our City, and not the suburbs (please see Platform Goal #2).

Increased population in our cities will provide money for school buildings and infrastructure, which is badly needed.

Solar panels, however, can be leased now, and do not require any outlay of money.  It is a simple matter of switching our supplier of electricity from a coal burning utility to a solar company.  

Together with experienced science teachers and environmentalists, as a School Board member I will work to create a curriculum on energy use – what is energy, where does it come from, where do we use it – so that it will be made available by 2023 for every student before they graduate.

We cannot solve this terrible problem if we continue to ignore it, and worse, not fully understand it.  I will work as a School Board member to change that.


“Global Climate Strike: Meet the Teenagers Skipping School to Fight for a Greener Planet”

“There’s still lead in the water at Denver Public Schools. Nobody has to do anything about it.”