Colorado is experiencing a teacher shortage unprecedented in the state’s history. Our students and children are suffering because of this. Our teachers know what’s not working. Only 1 of our 7 current School Board members was a career teacher. We need more experienced teachers on our School Board.
— Anna DeWitt

Click on the button below each item to scroll to each blog post to see more details on how I plan to fulfill these items through my election to the Denver School Board.


Item #1:

Increase student achievement by increasing teacher retention

“As a current teacher, I can personally attest that we are facing a crisis…”


Item #2: Housing choice equals school choice

“'Integration of races and economic classes in our schools is how we will learn to treat each other as friends, not strangers…”


Item #3: We should not need charter schools

“Privatizing our public schools is a capitulation, not a solution…”


Item #4: We should provide career training

“Trades are an honorable and profitable future…”


Item #5: Reduce the need to test our children & increase social-emotional supports

“There is significant data to suggest that tests are culturally biased…”


Item #6: Climate change is the biggest issue our students will face in their lifetimes

“Our national politicians pretend that climate change is not happening…”